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Staying at Gravel Fest for the weekend...

Gravel Fest is a one-day event but you can make it an all weekender... If you join us with a Weekend Ticket a spot for your small tent on the LtD Festival Camping is included.

Prefer more comfort? Book one of the upgrades below.

Included in the Gravel Fest Weekend Ticket (Rider or Supporters) are two nights (Friday and Saturday). You can book the upgrades later. Book your Weekend Ticket first, we will also send you an email when the upgrades are available.

If you want tailor made accommodation advice. Please visit You will find all information here for the best accommodation in the area, suited for you, your family or team.

UPGRADES: Private camper spot or Glamping Tent

Laurens is a big fan of camping... but he also knows not every one is. Do you wanna feel the atmosphere but also like more comfort: your own camper spot is nice but our famous LtD Glamping Service will fit you like a glove. Live Slow, Ride Fast in style!
A small spot (3 x 3 meters) for your pop-up tent (no electricity) is included in your Weekend Ticket.
Tataaa, the upgrades:

LtD Glamping Service

You can book your Glamping Service as an upgrade later on. The Glamping Tents are at the VIP Section near Castle Terborgh, so you are very close to all the Gravel Fest action! Just a minutes walk to our food trucks, bar en BBQ area! We only have 40 tents available. Weekend Ticketers will be notified by email when the Glamping upgrade can be booked.

It's all in the Glamping package:

A high, spacious tent including a heater
Sleep on a bed with a mattress
The tent is fully equipped
We pitch and strike the tent, so no hassle for you.
Total cost per person:€ 129 (based on 2 persons per tent)


Glamping will complete your Ltd Gravel Fest Experience. You can focus on gravel grinding, the festival with food trucks and the other cyclists. We take care of your fully equipped tent.

What is Glamping Service?
- You'll sleep in a tent, 2.5 meters of hight, on a bed with a mattress
- The tent has power, light, a bicycle stand to park your bike,a drying rack/cloth hangers and comfortable chairs
. - Volunteers of LtD Gravel Fest will pitch and strike your tent
LtD Glamping Service cost only € 129 for 2 nights per person. This fare is based on a two-person-tent. You'll share your tent with another rider.
Don't know yet if you wanna book LtD Glamping Service when you register? No problem. You can book this upgrade later.

Bed and mattress

Nothing beats a good night of sleep before and after a wonderful day of cyling. We ensure you you'll have a good night when you book LtD Glamping Service. We have a bed, a mattress and a nightstand for you in our comfortamble glamping tent.

Power and light

Charge your GPS-device, your phone or even your laptop? No problem. The tent has a power outlet! Also we provide a light so you can find your way around in this spacious tent during the night. Yeah... it's spacious. But don't worry: you won't get lost in it.

Heater and cloth hanger

A drying rack/cloth hangers will make you feel like you're in a hotel room. But there is more: if it's cold in Hellenthal by the end of September we'll provide a heater. It's all about comfort when you book LtD Glamping Service.

Relaxing chair

On race day you'll spend a lot of time on your saddle, so when you return to the camp site you might be longing for something different. Therefor a relaxing chair is included in the service.

Bike Stand

A multi purpose bike stand: you can use it either to show of your brand new ride or to put your beloved bike next to you in the tent during the night. A combination is also possible.


A small spot (3 x 3 meters) for your pop-up tent (no electricity) is included in your Weekend Ticket.

Want to join us with a bigger tent, a camper van, caravan or a pick up truck with a bunk bed? For 60 euro you can get your upgrade to your own private camper spot (for four persons, including electricity)!

This upgrade can only be booked later, Weekend Ticketers will receive an email when upgrades can be booked. We have limited spots available.

Private camper spot

4 persons
60 euro per weekend

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