Why the Ltd Gravel Fest?

With the huge success of LtD Gravel Raid (end of September, Hellenthal, Germany) we got these questions 'can you do just a one-day event?' and 'why not in the Netherlands?'. GRAVEL FEST is the answer. You can join us for just the Saturday (and make it a weekend if you like) and we are going to visit Dutch gravel heaven Southern Limburg!

It’s about more than gravel riding though; it’s a celebration of cycling, of having a good time on the bike. But you need to have balls to do it too. It’s challenging and we wanted to bring this to Europe and to my cycling friends.


A cycling adventure unlike anything you’ve done before.

Gravel Grinding

Our routemeister came up with the best routes in the Beekdaelen region. It's both beautiful and challenging. With a well-balanced mix of paved and unpaved, flat and hilly, fast and technical, social and competitive. Pick your distance: 80 km, 120 or the allmighty 160 km and 1500 altitude meters!


Life is about more than riding a bike. So we offer a great music festival. So prepare for a good party with craft beer, marshmallows at the camp fire and hearty food!
And yes, we have great DJ's and live music and we'll serve Kwaremont as long as the stock runs.

Excellent Food

Included in entrance fee: extensive and exclusive LtD lunch mid-day during event Saturday with scrambled eggs with bacon, Limburgse vlaai, sandwiches, sport nutrition and more. Two Food Stations with all the food and drinks you need. The best bars and proper hearty food! Weekend Tickets have breakfast included on Saturday and Sunday.



Rider ticket for Saturday, December 12th
Start package with sport bar and goodies
Extensive Lunch at LtD's food court (mid way)
with Scrammbled eggs, Bacon, Limburgse vlaai and much more
Two feed stations on race day (in loop 1 and loop 2)
The best routes (on race day and more!)
Unique LtD Gravel Fest finishers patch
Free Pre ride coffee to get you started
A free Kwaremont beer at the finish
Not just a mecanic. We'll bring a good one!
Post race: Buy your dinner or snack at the Food Trucks
Live music and entertainment at the Festival

What Bike?





A gravel bike is the go-to bike for this event. However there are no limitations.
A cross bike, MTB or a road bike with gravel proof 28mm (with profile) will also do the job.

About LtD's Top Notch Food

Extensive LUnche

Food Trucks will serve free range beef hamburgers during LtD Gravel Raid
Powerd by Traeger and Bisschopsmolen
Meat - Fish or Veggie
Included in your entrance fee!

Feed Stations

Forget about Energy bars at the feed station. Laurens ten Dam serves proper food on the route
2 food stations on the route
Coffee, hearty food and the best bars
Relax and wait for your friends

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